Hand and Foot Care

Eve’s Salon uses Jessica, the natural nail care system. Jessica’s unique formulations are designed for specific nail types; dry, brittle damaged, normal and ageing.
The benefits are:- it keeps the skin of the hands, feet and nails protected and supple. Maintains a high degree of hydration and hygiene which prevents infections.Repairs and nourishes the nails. Protects the skin against future damage from the environment. 

File and re-varnish £15.00
Regular Manicure
Cuticle tidy, massage, file and polish.
French Manicure 
Deluxe Manicure
Incorporating the Regular Manicure with the added benefit of heated mittens which are used to soften hard skin, moisturise and alleviate arthritis  conditions etc.
Regular Pedicure
Use of foot spa, hard skin removal, massage. file and paint.
Deluxe Pedicure
Incorporating all of the above Regular Pedicure with the added benefit of heated booties to nourish skin and nails and alleviate arthritis conditions.
Regular Pedicure with Reflexology
Incorporating all of the Regular pedicures with the added benefit of Reflexology which rebalances the body’s energy and stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism.

Geleration Gel Nails by Jessica

Gel Manicure file and polish £25.00
Gel Pedicure file and polish £28.00
Gel Removal £10.00